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About Asuroo

Asuroo was established to provide the best and most transparent insurance experience with greater coverage at incredible price across our hassle-free insurance products. Asuroo is locally founded and owned, private limited company registered in the Republic of Singapore, fully licensed and regulated general insurance service provider.

We believe it is through our loyal customers that empower us to create such a rewarding community.

Asuroo Anti-corruption Policy

Corruption defined as the abuse of one’s role to obtain an undue advantage. Our Anti-corruption policy make it illegal to offer, promise, give, solicit or receive “anything of value” in exchange for an “improper advantage.”

This Anti-Corruption Policy (the “Policy”) supports Asuroo’s commitment to maintain highest standards of professionalism and ethical business conduct. Asuroo will not tolerate any form of corruption and this Policy reinforces the expectation of our employees towards professionalism and straightforward business practices to protect Asuroo’s reputation. This is to ensure Asuroo and its employees do not violate any anti-corruption laws which bears severe penalties.

This Policy applies to Asuroo and its subsidiaries (if applicable) and to all employees, including directors, officers, independent contractors and other persons subject to an employment-type relationship with Asuroo (“Employees”) as well as business partners acting on Asuroo’s behalf.

Asuroo value ethics at the center of all our business practices, by conducting business activities on behalf of Asuroo with honesty and integrity. Asuroo and its subsidiaries (if applicable) and all our employees must never corruptly receive or give gratification as an inducement or reward for performing or withholding performance in relation to their principal's affairs or business as part of our commitment towards Anti-Corruption.

How does Asuroo operates?

At Asuroo, we assist our providers to underwrite, price, and sell policies, as well as handle claims without conflict of interests.
We negotiate the best deals available in the market for our customers to enjoy greater coverage at incredible pricing.
Asuroo creates rewarding community by delivering values to customers and bring them closer to our partners, compare and choose the right choice and be rewarded for the purchase. Importantly, Asuroo only take a slice of the commission to operate our business and give back the rest to you as savings in your premium
We believe it is through our loyal customers that empower us to create a rewarding community.

Is Asuroo reinsured?

Yes! We are backed by some of the biggest insurers and they collaborate with reinsurers in the world to reduce large losses so our customers do not need to worry about claim payout.

What kind of insurance policies does Asuroo offers?

We currently offer Car, Home, Maid, Motorcycle, Travel and Personal Accident insurance.
We're constantly working on new and exciting products and features. We recommend following us on social media and our newsletter to get updates about new stuff as it becomes available.

Can I switch to Asuroo if I already have a policy elsewhere?

Sure you can! It's actually quite simple.
Drop us your renewal notice from existing insurer and leave the rest to us.
At Asuroo, we seek to find the best deal available for you, be protected immediately once payment is successful.

How do I obtain insurance quotation from Asuroo ?

Asuroo policies are primarily sold online through our website. Customers may obtain insurance quote from us and we strongly advise you to register with us in order to manage your saved quotes, policy, get help from our team, and file claims.

How do I pay for the policy purchased with Asuroo?

You can pay for the policy using credit card after selecting the best option available from our wide range of providers. Enjoy interest free monthly payment plans through some insurers. In some insurance product, we provide discounts if you select the annual option. If you choose a monthly plan, we will continue to charge your card automatically each month. PayNow and bank transfer payment mode are available as well.

How do you keep my information private?

We highly value and respect our customers' privacy (see our Privacy Policy). We will never sell your information, or share it with anyone except for the purposes of providing our services and promoting our business.

How can I reach you?

If you have Asuroo policy or have had one in the past and need help now, just get in touch with our team through our website.
You may also reach us at

Car Insurance

How do I file a claim?

Simple! Just login to Asuroo and hit the 'Claim' button. We will guide you through the rest of the short process there.
Accidental claim for car policy will require accident report at authorized workshops. It is important to refer to your policy schedule for more details.

How do you calculate the cost of a Asuroo Car insurance policy?

Premiums for car insurance are calculated differently for each individual and are based on a number of different factors. Here are some factors that could affect your car insurance premium,

What is the minimum period of insurance available?

All car insurance policy will be One (1) year coverage during initial purchase. Extension on policy to match road tax date can be made upon policy renewal.

Home Insurance

How do you calculate the cost of a Asuroo Home insurance policy?

Premiums for car insurance are calculated differently for each individual and are based on a number of different factors. Here are some factors that could affect your car insurance premium,


What is MyInfo?

MyInfo is a Singapore government service authenticated through SingPass that enables citizens and residents to manage the use of their personal data for better user experience during online transactions. MyInfo users will enjoy less form-filling and a reduced need for providing verifying documentation during online transactions. Users can view their own personal data profile.

Benefits of MyInfo?

Do i need to register for MyInfo?

If you are a SingPass user, no registration is required.

What information is Asuroo collecting using MyInfo?

We can only request personal data that is relevant to process your quotation request with your consent before any personal data is retrieved. For the purpose of providing you with a car insurance quote, the following information (if in your MyInfo profile) will be retrieved from MyInfo onto your car insurance quote form once you have given your consent:

Personal details – Name, NRIC, email, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile number, Marital Status, Occupation and Registered Address

Vehicle ownership information – Vehicle Number, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Make and Model, Vehicle Year of Registration, etc.
Driving License information.

My government-verified information is incorrect. What should I do?

Government-verified fields in our quote form contain information that has been reasonably verified by the relevant government agency. Should any information be incorrect, you have to contact the relevant government agency to update the respective government-verified fields.

Please note that it will normally take 1-3 working days for your MyInfo profile to reflect the updated data after verification by the relevant agency.

Kindly remember that you are responsible for validating all fields throughout the quotation process, including pre-filled details from MyInfo.

Why are some of the fields retrieved from MyInfo non-editable?

Some of your personal data fields have been validated by participating government agencies. As any changes would have to be re-validated by these agencies, some of these fields have been made non-editable. You are responsible for ensuring the information in all fields in the quote form is correct throughout the quotation process, including pre-filled details.

What do you do with all that information retrieved from MyInfo?

We use the data retrieved from MyInfo with your consent in order to provide you with our best quote for car insurance. Our system will validate whether you have existing records in our database. If so, we will use the following information from our records for your quote:

All other pre-filled information will be retrieved from MyInfo, so please ensure these are accurate to give you the protection you need.

What if I'm not comfortable sharing my details with you using MyInfo?

No worries, you can choose to obtain a quote manually from us by filling out the questions asked in our online quotation form.

Will you have access to all my MyInfo profile personal data?

With your consent, we will only retrieve data relevant to the required data fields as specified in our online car insurance quote form for providing you with our best quote. No additional information will be shared with us without your consent.

Will my personal data be compromised?

MyInfo data is safeguarded by cybersecurity industry best practices implemented by the government, like end-to-end encryption and multi-layered security. Moreover, you are the sole person who can give consent for the use of data in MyInfo. Your data can only be retrieved after having you first authenticate your identity by logging into SingPass and giving consent for the required data to be shared with us for the purpose of processing your car insurance quote.